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Print Advertising Tips: 6 Ways to Use Print to Promote Your Brand
By Janine Perri, Hearst Bay Area Blog Article

Sound advice on making sure your print advertising delivers maximum value for your business investment.
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10 Tips for Businesses New to Print Advertising
Pel Hughes Blog

Ten items to consider with any print campaign that will assure your advertising will increase your sales, develop interest in your brand, and reach target customers.
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For Advertisers: Once is not enough: The Importance of Frequency in Advertising
Zip Code Magazines

This article walks through how ad frequency and consistency can impact the 7 step typical buying cycle.
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What Is Print Advertising? – Importance, Elements, Types, Examples
By Aashish Pah

This summary of print advertising covers all the aspects necessary for under- standing how to drive successful advertising.
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Advantages of Combining Your Print and Digital Marketing Efforts
By Mousegraphics

This article provides an excellent review of what print ads excel in, what digital ads excel in, and why it is important to utilize both.
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7 Elements of Print Advertising
By Crown Connect

Great breakdown and explanation of the 7 things all print ads need to incorporate to maximize an advertiser’s investment.
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Make a Marketing Plan
By U.S. Small Business Administration

Great breakdown of each element to consider when putting together a marketing plan for any small business.
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Inspiration for stunning print ads. Harness the powerful tool of print advertising. – How-tos

Harness the powerful tool of print advertising as directed by the industry leader in graphic software. 
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