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Why Join ACP?

ACP members enjoy a wide range of member benefits intended to improve their operations and profitability. These member benefits are made possible in a large part by the funding provided by the Advertising Delivery Services (ADS) in order to keep membership affordable yet member benefits plentiful.

Take the time to explore each of the member benefits described below while keeping in mind that the single largest member benefit described by our members is the ability to network with other people in the community publication industry.

ACP serves its members by acting as a facilitator to connect members seeking help with experienced professionals within the industry. Whether it is advice, answers to questions, or the wise counsel of people within the industry who have tackled similar issues in their own operations. There is no more efficient way to improve your business than by utilizing the resources available from fellow members. Legal issues, personnel issues, marketing issues, or production issues are most often not unique to your operation but similar to those that face many community papers. Let us help connect you to experienced answers!

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