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2% USPS Discount Available

2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion

As a Member Benefit of the Association of Community Publications (ACP), we have put together this advertising promotion involving a public service announcement that should qualifies your publication to take advantage of the 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion from the United States Postal Service.

Any free paper publisher that uses USPS Marketing Mail to deliver their publication can take advantage of participation in this program to save 2% off the total postage cost from August 1st through December 31.

Below are the steps you will need to take to participate in the 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion:

1. Download the program requirements:
Please read the instructions provided and follow all steps in order to receive the 2% discount. Each participating publisher is cautioned to ensure their qualification with the USPS. ACP cannot be responsible for a publisher who fails to meet the USPS qualifications and does not receive the discount or has to refund the discount for not following postal regs.

2. Enroll immediately in the program through your USPS Business Customer Gateway (

3. Run the attached PAWS With a Cause ad anywhere within in your paper but make certain not to change the copy. You can re-size proportionally, but if you alter the ad, you must get your new ad approved from USPS Promotions Department.

4. The discount must be claimed at the time of the mailing and cannot be rebated at a later date.

5. If you are also participating in the USPS Augmented Reality promotion, you are only allowed to take one 2% discount. The Augmented Reality program runs through August 31st. You can continue to run the AR Promotion or switch to the Mobile Shopping Program at any time within the overlap period.

For issues and concerns regarding enrollment or technical issues please contact the PostalOne! Helpdesk at 800-522-9085 or email: