Affinity Suite Software Session

Are you tired of sending your hard earned money to Adobe each month for software? The solution is here now using the Affinity Suite of products. Learn how Publisher can replace InDesign, Design can replace Illustrator, and Photo can replace Photoshop. The best part is the price. It’s only $150 for the whole suite, period. Not $150 per month, but a lifetime. See the products in action in this fast-paced demonstration by someone who uses it every day.

Circulation Session

This presentation will be a case study of transitioning to requestor publication status for potential postage savings presented by Joyce Frericks.

1 Great Idea to Share – Idea Exchange

The traditional “3-minute” idea exchange holds the key to a variety of business improvement opportunities. From cost savings to revenue growth, you are sure to find something to utilize right away.

2 Approaches to Virtual Events

Learn how two companies have incorporated virtual events to support their local events during the pandemic. The virtual option can hold on to existing business when in- person options are not available.

3 R’s of Building Your Sales Team

Recruiting / Rewards / Retention: Tips on finding and keeping sales professionals that will build your business.

4 Haven’t We Been Talking About Selling Digital

Combining print advertising and digital advertising can be difficult for your sales team. Here are some tips to increase acceptance and results.

5 Special Sections

Lee Borkowski, executive director of MFCP, delivers not 5 but dozens of great special sections that will work in any market.

6 Ways to Improve Your Brand

Steve, Manuel, and Kara of the Genesee Valley Penny Saver share great ideas on how to improve your publication's brand.

GVPS Videos
2019 Year in Review:
2020 Year in Review:

7 Ways to Engage Your Reader

Jane Quairoli of Kapp Advertising shows us 7 great ways to capture the imagination of your readers and keep them coming back for more.

8 Things You Should Track & Share

Thomas Cribb and Randy Cope outline best practices to show the real value of your publications.

Join us in Des Moines

September 17 & 18, 2021 we will have our first ACP in person event. Don't miss it!
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