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Circulation Audits

Circulation audits bring credibility to the community publication industry. ACP pays for third party audits for qualifying members through Circulation Verification Council (CVC). CVC is an independent, third party reporting audit company. CVC audits thousands of editions nationwide.

The audits cover printing, distribution, circulation, websites, digital editions, mobile, email, social media and readership studies to give an accurate picture of a publication’s reach and market penetration. This member benefit saves publishers $1,500 - $3,500 depending on circulation size.

CVC audits are available to those members who choose to participate at the level where the audit is included. Audits are provided for the portion of your circulation that you run the ADS Network ads in and are made available to you as a combined audit.

Circulation Verification Council

Why Get A CVC Audit?

CVC delivers audits that put publishers in the driver’s seat. And as a publisher, it is more important than ever to recoup your investment in a circulation audit. Just like other supplies you purchase for your publication, circulation audits are tools. Publishers who complete an audit and are proactive in its use and promotion will see the full benefit of their investment.

  •   Publishers can see the true picture of their markets and position themselves against competitors for   both circulation and advertising revenue.

  •   Draw a line in the sand and show advertisers in your market that you have a lot to offer and can prove your value.

  •   Audit promotion programs are included in the cost of your audit so you can help your advertisers calculate the real impact of advertising in your publication.

  •   Show the number of potential customers your publication can bring advertisers.

  •   Use CVC data to demonstrate real market impacts to grab your advertiser’s attention and make your phone start ringing!

  •   Publishers turn to circulation audits and readership studies to earn a competitive advantage against other media.

  •   Ensure advertising decision makers have the data they need to fully consider your publication.

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