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On Demand Training

The Leadership Institute (TLI)

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The ACP On Demand Training Center offers 24/7 training that can be completed on an individual basis or in a group setting, depending on your needs. It offers both industry specific sales training from The Leadership Institute (TLI) as well as a world-class, general sales training program for your team, brought to you by Power Sales University, all in one place. Contact the ACP office for access.

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The Leadership Institute (TLI) is a structured, comprehensive, cost effective sales and leadership training program designed specifically for ACP members and the community publishing industry. Experts from across the country have pooled their experience and resources to create a curriculum that comprises the best and most complete training available for free paper advertising sales personnel anywhere. As a member, you have free access to the entire body of training resources. TLI sessions are presented at ACP Annual Conferences each year as well as other state and regional association conferences, virtual events and are also available through the Online Learning Center.

Here are the current TLI classes available in the On Demand Training Center:


TLI New Hire Training Series:

1. TLI102 - Prospecting

2. TLI104 - Opening a Sales Dialogue

3. TLI 106 Questioning

4. TLI105 - Listening

5. TLI107 - Making Recommendations with Features & Benefits

6. TLI103 - Answering Objections

7. TLI108 - Four Essentials

8. TLI101 - Closing the Sale


Additional TLI Training Classes:

1. TLI152 - Selling Best Practices

2. TLI230 - Online & In The Paper - Selling Blended Print & Digital

3. TLI233 - Why We Follow Great Leaders

4. TLI250 - Five Levels of Leadership

5. TLI320 - Digital Sales Basics

6. TLI123 - Unstoppable Self Confidence

7. TLI146 - Goal Setting

8. TLI247 - Building and Delivering Effective Sales Scripts

TLI Certification

Professional certification demonstrates to the business community that you are a trained professional in advertising sales. This certification process provides the ability to utilize professional designations on your letterhead and business card.

Certification Programs Currently Available:
• Associate Advertising Executive
• Certified Advertising Executive
• Annual Certificate Programs in Management & Sales

Associate Advertising Executive Certification (AAE)

Professional certification by ACP recognizes the highly professional work and growth by community publication associates. Sales professionals must be knowledgeable in all aspects of media and marketing and are subjected to rigorous exams and continuing education requirements.

Member’s class credits are recorded and maintained in the ACP database for every TLI participant. Once a member has completed a prescribed number of credits in the classroom or from the Online Learning Center, they are eligible to take the comprehensive exam. When a member has completed the following requirements, the ACP Board of Directors will confer upon that member the designation of Certified Associate Advertising Executive and the member will be invited to participate at the graduation ceremony conducted at the next annual conference.

Associate Advertising Executive Requirements:

  • 15 Unduplicated TLI Class Credits

  • Passed the Comprehensive AAE Exam

  • Completed at least two years on-the-job experience in the advertising industry

Certified Advertising Executive Program (CAE)

For ACP Members who have completed the requirements for the Associate Advertising Executive Certification (AAE) and successfully passed the comprehensive examination, there will be an opportunity to earn an advanced certification as a Certified Advertising Executive (CAE).

The requirements for earning the advanced CAE Certification are as follows:

  • Successfully obtaining the AAE certification through TLI (to include meeting the 15 TLI credit minimum and successfully passing the TLI Exam).

  •  Successful participation in at least three of TLI’s Management Certificate Programs:

    • Effective Hands-on Management  (2018)

    • Coaching Workshop  (2019)

    • Creative Leadership  (2021)

    • Motivating, Engaging and Inspiring Employees (2023 Virtual)

    • Thrive - Turning Uncertainty To Your Competitive Advantage (2024)

    • Additional programs to be offered at future events

Your AAE & CAE certification will be issued after successful completion of the above requirements. Achievements will be monitored by the ACP Education Committee and submitted to the TLI Institute for certification at the annual conference or other appropriate industry events.

Power Sale University logo has developed a world-class sales training curriculum that trains salespeople of all levels to master the art and science of sales. No matter what your organization sells, or how you sell it, our sales training will increase gross sales. We train the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts on how to close from A-to-Z.


The curriculum includes interactive sales training modules whether you sell over the phone, face-to-face, or both regardless of product or industry. We’ve found out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to.

By partnering with PSU, ACP is now able to offer you over 125 interactive sales training modules from the Power Sales University platform. Regardless of prior experience or training, this program guides you through every critical aspect of sales methodology in a short, easily digestible, and actionable way for you to immediately implement in the field, the techniques you learn.

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