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On Demand Training

Let ACP help take your sales team to the next level. Take advantage of this amazing member benefit TODAY! We understand that in many cases, it is no longer feasible for publishers to bring their sales team to the annual conference or other in-person events for training. And virtual training sessions don’t always fit within everyone’s schedules. So, we decided to look for ways that we could bring the training to you! The ACP On Demand Training Center offers 24/7 training that can be completed on an individual basis or in a group setting, depending on your needs. It offers both industry specific sales training from The Leadership Institute (TLI) as well as a world-class, general sales training program for your team, brought to you by Power Sales University, all in one place.


We have over 125 interactive sales training modules from the Power Sales University platform. Regardless of prior experience or training, this program guides you through every critical aspect of sales methodology in a short, easily digestible, and actionable way for you to immediately implement in the field, the techniques you learn. It will also give you access to a series of videos where the sales trainer has recorded himself on real-world, live sales calls and walks you through his technique piece by piece.

TLI classes are a great training series for new hires or salespeople who are just beginning a sales training program. This is a series of 8 classes with Rob Zarrilli, our TLI Dean, which are very specific to the industry. They run through the basics of the sales process, specifically relating to advertising sales. 


Whether you’re using the TLI training or the PSU training, you will be sure to find something for everyone. From the salesperson on their first day in the field, to the most seasoned sales professional, no matter what level you are, you will take something away from this training.

"This is one of the best benefits that we have come across in years. And you’ll be happy with the results."

- Joe Nicastro

Freelancer Working from Home

If you aren’t using the ACP On Demand Training Center, YOU SHOULD BE!  Here’s why:


  • PSU can increase your sales by 40% or more in the next 12 months flat with this online sales training and coaching program!


  • PSU has over 125 modules of training totaling over 28 hours total of world class sales training.


  • Training for salespeople at any experience level.


  •  This training would normally cost you $1500/month, but ACP members can access this program at NO CHARGE as a part of your member benefits package!


  • The training center also includes over 8 hours of INDUSTRY SPECIFIC training from TLI for new hires or can be used as a great refresher for seasoned salespeople.


  • On demand training designed to fit within your schedule, 24/7. Train at your own pace at a time that is convenient for YOU!


  • Help recruiting and retention - Give your existing team and potential new hires something that will set you apart from the competition. Studies show that professional development opportunities greatly increase retention and help you attract new employees.

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On Demand Training Center (PSU)
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