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4% USPS Discount Available

2024 USPS Enhanced Emerging Technologies Promotion 


As a Member Benefit of the Association of Community Publications (ACP), we are providing this advertising promotion put together by one of our members, Penny Lane Printing. Running this ad once approved, should qualify your publication to take advantage of the 2024 USPS Enhanced Emerging Technologies Promotion utilizing the Video in Print Technology option. 


Any community publication that uses USPS Marketing Mail to deliver their publication can take advantage of participation in this program to save 4% off the total postage cost for a 6 month period with the flexibility to choose your own start date. The 6 months must be consecutive months during the 2024 calendar year.


Below are the steps you will need to take to participate in the promotion: 


1. Download the guidebook and program requirements: 


Please read the instructions provided and follow all steps in order to receive the 4% discount. Each participating publisher is cautioned that they must ensure their qualification with the USPS. ACP cannot be responsible for a publisher who fails to meet the USPS qualifications and does not receive the discount or has to refund the discount for not following postal regs. A step-by-step process is outlined starting on page 11 of the above guide.


2. Submit your electronic sample to the USPS to get pre-approval by signing up and logging into:



3. Run the attached "Simply Perfect - Wedding Invitations" ad anywhere within in your paper but make certain not to change the copy. You can re-size proportionally, but if you alter the ad, you must get your new ad approved from USPS Promotions Department. 


4. The discount must be claimed at the time of the mailing and cannot be rebated at a later date. 


For issues and concerns regarding enrollment or technical issues, please contact the PostalOne! Helpdesk through the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) by email or phone at: or 1-877-672-0007. In the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customers will select option 2 (MSSC) and then option 3 (PostalOne!) for assistance.

How To Resources

How To Resources

2024 USPS Enhanced Emerging Technologies Promotion Guides


This is a video created by Midwest Free Community Papers (MFCP) that will guide you through the process step by step. This 23-minute video is very helpful if you have not taken advantage of the discount programs in prior years.










This link takes you to a document put together by Midwest Free Community Papers (MFCP) that walks through the steps that are needed to obtain the necessary prior approvals. Each publication needs its own prior approval as a requirement to be able to claim the 4% postage discount.



This link takes you to a 7-page document supplied by Midwest Free Community Papers (MFCP) that takes you step-by-step through the claiming process to receive your 4% postal discount each week for your 6 month claiming window. Make sure your 6 consecutive month window falls within calendar 2024 to take full advantage of the promotion.

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